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How to Sell Strategy Services

(the Overthinktrovert-proof Process)

Grab your seat to get the Scripts, Questions, Process, and Closing techniques to show you the exact way to sell strategy services.

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Lots of Goodies Planned For You

This isn't a high-level 'theory' masterclass, I'm giving you the complete Scripts, Questions Process, & Close to start selling Strategy Services today.

  • How To Change Your Mindset & Think Like A Strategist.

  • How To Make Sure Your Prospect Can Afford You Before Wasting a Bunch of Time & Effort.

  • How To Respond To The “Can't You Just Give Me a Quote?” Demand.

  • How To Switch The Conversation From Deliverable to Strategy.

  • How To Discuss The Money Without Feeling Like a Complete Mercenary!

  • How To Close To The Next Step In Your Sales Cycle.